真愛至上Love Actually

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中文名:真愛至上  更多…
英文名:Love Actually
時長:135 Mins
類型:喜劇 劇情 愛情
導演:理查•柯帝士 Richard Curtis
主演:比爾•奈伊 Bill Nighy
   格萊格•費什爾 Gregor Fisher
   羅裏•麥克格雷戈 Rory MacGregor
   科林•費斯 Colin Firth
   希爾娜•吉羅瑞 Sienna Guillory
   利亞姆•尼森 Liam Neeson   地區:美國,語言:英語,字幕:英文
  Set almost entirely in London, England during five frantic weeks before Christmas follows a web-like pattern of inter-related, loosely related and unrelated stories of a dozen or more various individuals with their love lives, or lack of them. The central character is the new bachelor prime minister David who cannot express his growing feelings for his new personal assistant Natalie. The prime minister’s older sister Karen slowly grows aware of her husband Harry’s flirtation with an office worker named Mia. Karen’s friend Daniel is a recently widowed writer whose 11-year-old son asks for love advice about a girl he has a crush on. Meanwhile, Jamie is another writer who leaves his girlfriend after catching her cheating on him and travels to France to write a novel where he pursues a possible romance with his non-English speaking Portuguese maid Aurelia. Also, Harry’s American secretary Sarah questions a romance she pursues with the office hunk Karl, but her personal family problems get in the way. Other secondary characters involve a photographer who pursues his best friend’s new wife Juliet; a pair of movie stand-ins, named John and Judy, who grow closer after their simulated love scenes; a libidinous chum who wants to travel to Wisconsin, USA to score with women; and a burned-out former rock star named Billy Mack who is the main connection between all stories involved.

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