格林兄弟The Brothers Grimm

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中文名:格林兄弟  更多…
英文名:The Brothers Grimm
片長:118 Mins
類型:恐怖 喜劇 驚秫 冒險 動作
導演:特裏•吉列姆 Terry Gilliam
主演:馬特•達蒙 Matt Damon
   喬納森•普雷西 Jonathan Pryce
   莫妮卡•貝魯奇 Monica Bellucci
   皮特•施特曼 Peter Stormare
   羅傑•阿斯頓•格里菲斯 Roger Ashton-Griffiths
   海斯•雷吉 Heath Ledger
   盧卡斯•本奇 Lukás Bech Julian Bleach   地區:美國,語言:英語,字幕:英文
  本片並不是一部講述童話大師“格林兄弟”的傳記片,而是一則以他們為藍本,暢遊奇幻世界的全新童話故事。片中的格林兄弟–威爾•格林(馬特•達蒙飾)與傑克•格林(希斯•萊吉爾飾)是一對遊手好閒、靠詐騙為生的騙子。他們周遊不同的地方,先是雇人扮成怪物在那個地方大肆破壞,然後再以驅魔人的身材出現“消滅怪物”,賺取當地居民的報酬。就這樣,行騙的日子一天天過去,格林兄弟的名氣也越來越大,甚至傳到了法國國王的耳朵裏。 於是,他們被傳招到宮裏,並被指派前往被詛咒的魔法森林探險,去尋找近期在林子周邊接連失蹤的少女們。途中還有我們耳熟能詳的“灰姑娘”、“小紅帽”、“漢斯和格萊泰”等童話人物交替出現,為影片增添不少樂趣與亮點。最終,他們發現罪惡的源頭是一個美麗的“女魔頭”(莫妮卡•貝魯奇飾),她有著不老的生命卻沒有不老的容顏。因此,她不斷地綁架並殘忍地殺害年輕的女性,並用她們的血肉來延緩自己容貌的衰老。於是,在這場介乎於魔幻與現實的世紀大戰中,格林兄弟是否能戰勝魔鬼,像其他童話一樣留下一個美好的結局呢?
  Wilhelm Grimm (Matt Damon) and Jakob Grimm (Heath Ledger) arrive in French-occupied Germany during the early 19th century. They go to Karlstadt to rid the town of a witch’s ghost. After killing the “ghost", it is revealed that the Brothers Grimm have actually set up a fake witch to trick the town. Afterwards, as they are celebrating, Italian torturer Mercurio Cavaldi (Peter Stormare) takes them to the French General Delatombe (Jonathan Pryce). Delatombe forces them to solve a mystery: The girls of the small village of Marbaden are disappearing, and the villagers are convinced that supernatural beings are responsible. The Grimms are charged with finding who is responsible, and they soon discover that it is the work of a real supernatural force: a beautiful, yet evil, 500-year-old Thuringian Queen (Monica Bellucci) stealing young girls to restore her own beauty. Will and Jake have a complicated relationship; Jake is the smaller, younger, more sensitive one that Will feels he needs to protect. Will is often very hard on Jake (dating all the way back to their childhood, when Jake spent their money that was to be used for medicine for their dying sister on “magic beans") and orders him around. Will is somewhat of a womanizer and wants to make money, whereas Jake is more interested in fairy tales and adventures. Jake feels that Will doesn’t care about or believe in him; but Will is just frustrated about the way Jake acts so spontaneously, making it hard for Will to protect him.

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