火柴人Matchstick Men

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  《火柴人》(Matchstick Men)是一部由尼古拉斯•凱奇、薩姆•洛克維爾和愛麗森•洛曼主演,瑞德雷•斯高特導演的影片。該片於2003年上映,改編自埃裏克•加西亞的小說《火柴人》。主人公羅伊是一名患有精神強迫症的騙子,他和野心勃勃的搭檔弗蘭克聯手,經營著小打小鬧的騙子生涯,依靠羅伊高明的騙術,屢屢有人受騙上當。

中文名:火柴人  更多…
英文名:Matchstick Men
時長:116 分鐘
類型:犯罪 劇情 喜劇 驚秫
導演:雷德利•斯科特 Ridley Scott
演員:尼古拉斯•凱奇 Nicolas Cage
   米羅娜•沃爾特斯 Melora Walters
   山姆•洛克威爾 Sam Rockwell
   布魯斯•亞特曼 Bruce Altman
   Dennis Anderson
   Marco Assante
   Adam Clark
   斯蒂夫•伊斯丁 Steve Eastin  地區:美國,語言:英語,字幕:英文
  《火柴人》(Matchstick Men)是一部由尼古拉斯•凱奇、薩姆•洛克維爾和愛麗森•洛曼主演,瑞德雷•斯高特導演的影片。該片於2003年上映,改編自埃裏克•加西亞的小說《火柴人》。主人公羅伊是一名患有精神強迫症的騙子,他和野心勃勃的搭檔弗蘭克聯手,經營著小打小鬧的騙子生涯,依靠羅伊高明的騙術,屢屢有人受騙上當。
  Meet Roy and Frank, a couple of professional small-time con artists. What Roy, a veteran of the grift, and Frank, his ambitious protégé, are swindling these days are “water filtration systems," bargain-basement water filters bought by unsuspecting people who pay ten times their value in order to win bogus prizes like cars, jewelry and overseas vacations–which they never collect. These scams net the flim-flam men a few hundred here, another thousand there, which eventually adds up to a lucrative partnership. Roy’s private life, however, is not so successful. An obsessive-compulsive agoraphobe with no personal relationships to call his own, Roy is barely hanging on to his wits, and when his idiosyncrasies begin to threaten his criminal productivity he’s forced to seek the help of a psychoanalyst just to keep him in working order. While Roy is looking for a quick fix, his therapy begets more than he bargained for: the revelation that he has a teenage daughter–a child whose existence he suspected but never dared confirm. What’s more troubling, 14-year-old Angela wants to meet the father she never knew. At first, Angela’s appearance disrupts her neurotic father’s carefully ordered routine. Soon, however, with his own unique spin on parenthood, Roy begins to enjoy a relationship he never dreamed of having with his daughter. But while he develops paternal feelings for the 14-year-old, she’s developing a fascination with Daddy’s questionable career.

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