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中文名:戰鴿快飛  更多…
類型:動畫 喜劇
導演:加里•查普曼 Gary Chapman
主演:伊萬•麥克葛列格 Ewan McGregor
   瑞奇•吉弗斯 Ricky Gervais
   蒂姆•克裏 Tim Curry
   吉姆•布羅德本特 Jim Broadbent
   休•勞瑞 Hugh Laurie
   約翰•克裏斯 John Cleese  地區:美國,語言:英語,字幕:英文
  德國納粹的戰爭鐵蹄正一步步伸向西歐島國不列顛。英國人民開始了全面的衛國戰爭,就連英國的一群鴿子也加入了偉大的反法西斯侵略戰爭之中。韋林特是一隻生活在低木林中的鴿子,由於它的身體異常的瘦小,經常遭到別人的嘲笑。但韋林特並沒有被現實打倒,它堅強地克服了自身身體上的缺陷,毅然參加了盟軍對德軍的偵察部隊,並幫助盟軍與海峽另一側的法國地下抵抗組織取得了聯繫以及情報共用。  然而,狡猾的德軍在發現了盟軍的鴿子偵察部隊之後,迅速派出了一支兇狠強大的老鷹部隊以阻止並消滅這些英勇的戰鴿。一場正邪之間的偉大戰爭在這些鳥類之間爆發了。最終正義的戰鴿粉碎了敵人的進攻,並及時地將資訊傳遞到盟軍手中,為整個戰局向勝利方向發展作出了巨大的貢獻。這些翱翔在英倫上空可愛的鴿子們也成為了名副其實的戰地英雄。
  In May 1944, 5 years since the declaration of World War II, three Royal Homing Pigeon Service war pigeons are flying across the English Channel with the White Cliffs of Dover in sight, carrying vital messages to Great Britain. Despite the poor weather conditions the pigeons have nearly reached their destination. They are, however, suddenly ambushed and attacked by a German enemy falcon named General Von Talon; two of the pigeons are instantly killed, yet the third, Mercury, is taken as a prisoner of war.
  Elsewhere, a small wood pigeon named Valiant is watching an Allied forces propaganda film in his local bar (an overturned rowing boat) in West Nestington. Wing Commander Gutsy, a war hero flies into the bar, informing everyone that signups are scheduled the next day in Trafalgar Square, London. In General Von Talon’s lair, Mercury resists interrogation by his captors. Valiant flies off to London, bidding his mother and Felix, the local barman, goodbye. In London, Valiant meets a filthy pigeon named Bugsy, who is wanted by two thugs. In order to escape the wrath of the thugs, he signs up with Valiant.
  The recruits, Valiant, Bugsy, Lofty, an intellectual red pigeon, and Toughwood and Tailfeather, two strong but dim-witted twin brothers, form Royal Homing Pigeon Service Squad F, and are sent to a recruit training facility. Under the command of Sergeant Monty, who declares that he will toughen them up for the RHPS, the training begins. Meanwhile, Von Talon and his henchmen, Cufflingk and Underlingk, try numerous attempts to discover the message’s departure location. However Mercury refuses to tell, despite the tortures inflicted upon him, such as irritating him with yodeling music and injecting him with truth serum, before Mercury accidentally reveals the location: Saint-Pierre.
  Throughout the training, Valiant develops a crush on Victoria, the camp’s nursing dove. Eventually, Gutsy arrives and tells the Sergeant that the recruits need to leave the next morning, despite their training being vastly incomplete. Bugsy, however, decides not to go on the “highly dangerous" mission and flees the camp that night. The next morning, Valiant and the others prepare to leave and start to board the plane headed for France, but not before Bugsy shows up at the last second. The journey becomes extremely perilous, as the plane is caught in the midst of dogfight. Their plane sustains heavy damage and the pigeons soon have to bail out, in boxes equipped with parachutes. The pigeons are dropped from the plane; however a technical malfunction causes Gutsy’s box to fail to deploy. The plane goes down in an inferno of flames, presumably killing Gutsy in the resulting explosion….

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