狂野7 Wild Seven

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  由於受美國亞利桑那州一直流傳著的一種陰暗的因果報應觀點的影響,有的人漸漸就會變得心術不正,這種影響就如同難以控制的病毒一般產生大範圍的惡性影響。Wilson (Academy Award Nominee Robert Forster)在亞利桑那州一直生活了21年,他腦中只有一個想法,

中文名:狂野7  更多… 英文名:Wild Seven 時間:2006年06月26日片長:98 Mins 類型:動作 劇情導演:James M. Hausler 主演:羅伯特•福斯特 Robert Forster    James M. timberland homme Hausler    羅伯特•勞吉亞 Robert Loggia    理查•朗德利 Richard Roundtree    Lucie Arnaz    Meghan Ashley 地區:美國,語言:英語,字幕:英文劇情介紹:  由於受美國亞利桑那州一直流傳著的一種陰暗的因果報應觀點的影響,有的人漸漸就會變得心術不正,這種影響就如同難以控制的病毒一般產生大範圍的惡性影響。 puma pas cher Wilson (Academy Award Nominee Robert Forster)在亞利桑那州一直生活了21年,他腦中只有一個想法,那就是能夠抓住職業罪犯Mackey Willis (Academy Award Nominee Robert Loggia)給自己贏得榮譽。出於自己不良的動機,Wilson在暗地為Mackey的完美犯罪的實行鋪平了道路。 bottes ugg soldes 在一名監獄司機Lee Marvin (Richard Roundtree)的幫助下,Wilson就如同成了Mackey犯罪的催化劑,但也在行動中制定計劃準備抓捕Mackey Willis。 Bottes UGG Pas Cher France 問題的關鍵是沒有一個計畫是完美無缺的。與此同時,一夥沒有目的的亞利桑那州的混混正在謀劃著搶劫銀行,巧的是這個計畫正好和Wilson的計畫衝突了。 ugg australia pas cher 但是這群混混只會整日酗酒,吸毒,泡吧,沒有一個確定的線路,僅憑著一股衝動盲目行事,他們的計畫註定是會失敗的。但是這兩個計畫就這麼發生衝突…… Achat chaussure Puma   In this darkly karmic vision of Arizona, a man who breathes nothing but ill will begins a noxious domino effect as quickly as an uncontrollable virus kills. As he exits Arizona State Penn after twenty-one long years, Wilson has only one thing on the brain, leveling the score with career criminal, Mackey Willis. ugg soldes 2018 As eccentric and intuitive as he is vicious, Mackey’s own perfected criminal game will play right into the path Wilson has set for him. With the help of a prison bus driver, Lee Marvin, Wilson acts as a catalyst, putting a plan into action that will bring an untimely end to Mackey Willis. The problem is, no plan is perfect. Meanwhile, an aimless bunch of Arizona twenty-nothings are cooking up a heist that will lead them to the same bank, with different intentions. Skilled at nothing beyond drinking, doing drugs and attending strip clubs, their plan is destined for immediate failure. Heavily armed, without a single identifiable clue, these boys are as blind as they are impulsive. With both plans loosely angled inward, the vengefully mystical presence of the Sonoran landscape will have its way and every solider will fall on his own sword.

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