山丘The Hill
隔山有眼The Hills Have Eyes
興登堡遇難記The Hindenburg
俠探傑克Jack Reacher
熊的傳說Brother Bear
魔鬼搭車人The Hitcher
銀河系漫游指南The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
蟻群The Hive
騙局The Hoax
鬼地方The Hole
聖山The Holy Mountain
蜜月期The Honeymooners
最炎熱的國度The Hottest State
美女與醜姑The Hottie and the Nottie
時時刻刻The Hours
金色豪門The House of the Spirits
古寺情魔The House on Telegraph Hill
破膽三次The Howling
金錢帝國The Hudsucker Proxy
人性污點The Human Stain
追擊神鷹一號The Hunt for Eagle One
獵殺紅色十月The Hunt for Red October
狩獵聚會The Hunting Party
颶風The Hurricane
霧氣蒙蒙The I Inside
絕命聖誕夜The Ice Harvest
冰風暴The Ice Storm
魔術師The Illusionist
不可兒戲The Importance of Being Earnest
無敵破壞王Wreck-It Ralph
吸血鬼日記The Vampire Diaries
莎拉的啓發The Initiation of Sarah
特務親家The In-Laws
馬丁·弗羅斯特的內心生活The Inner Life of Martin Frost
無罪的人The Innocents
永不滿足The Insatiable
局內人The Insider
反叛分子The Insurgents
翻譯風波The Interpreter
致命拜訪The Invasion
無敵鋼鐵超人The Invincible Iron Man
隱形人The Invisible Man
芭比之美人魚历險記Barbie in a MermaidTale
隱身射線The Invisible Ray
伊普克雷斯檔案The Ipcress File
攔截人魔島The Island of Dr. Moreau
背水一戰The Last Stand
終極獵殺The Jack Bull
狙擊殺手The Jackal
靈幻夾克The Jacket
大笨蛋The Jerk
小子難纏The Karate Kid
搏命人生The Wager
步行者The Walker
玫瑰戰爭The War of the Roses
戰車The War Wagon
內戰The War Within
洗車行The Wash
正義守望者The Watcher
往日情懷The Way We Were
結婚紀念日The Wedding Date
婚禮歌手The Wedding Singer
貝克的故事The Wendell Baker Story
八月的鯨魚The Whales of August
整九碼The Whole Nine Yards
整十碼The Whole Ten Yards
異教徒The Wicker Man
浩淼的藍色遠方The Wild Blue Yonder
飛車黨The Wild One
原野小英雌The Wild Thornberrys Movie
吸血情聖The Wisdom of Crocodiles
血之魔術師The Wizard of Gore
紅衣女郎The Woman in Red
綠窗艷影The Woman in the Window
神秘森林The Woods
林中有眼The Woods Have Eyes
森林人The Woodsman
事業與榮譽The Work and the Glory
拜見岳父大人Meet the Parents
卑鄙的我Despicable Me
芭比彩虹仙子之魔法彩虹barbie fairytopia-magic of the rainbow
芭比和十二個跳舞的公主Barbie And The 12 Dancing Princesses
火星救母記Mars Needs Moms
深入敵後Behind Enemy Lines
比佛利拜金狗Beverly Hills Chihuahua
冰河世紀2消融Ice Age The Meltdown
貓頭鷹王國:守衛者傳奇Legend of the Guardians The Owls of Ga’Hoole
十日拍拖手冊How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
安德的游戲Ender』s Game
弱點The Blind Side
一級重罪High Crimes
蒼蠅王Lord of the Flies
卑鄙的我2Despicable Me 2
戰栗汪洋Open Water
瘋狂原始人The Croods
關鍵第四號I Am Number Four
和莎莫的500天500 Days of Summer
華爾街之狼The Wolf of Wall Street
健男搶錢團Pain and Gain
迷失東京Lost in Translation
謀殺綠腳趾The Big Lebowski
紐約客@上海Shanghai Calling
蘋果核戰記:阿爾法Appleseed Alpha
時空戀旅人About Time
溫暖的屍體Warm Bodies
小叮當:夏日風暴Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue
一個好人A Good Man
月中人The Man in the Moon
幽靈世界Ghost World
埃及王子The Prince of Egypt
愛的拐點Rabbit Hole
等到永遠Waiting For Forever
規則改變Game Change
恐懼拉斯維加斯Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
美國騙局American Hustle
末日迷蹤Left Behind
納尼亞傳奇2凱斯賓王子The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian
天才眼鏡狗Mr.Peabody And Sherman
完美的世界A Perfect World
逍遙法外Catch Me If You Can
星運里的錯The Fault in Our Stars
銀河護衛隊Guardians of The Galaxy
遠離賭城Leaving Las Vegas
致命彎道Wrong Turn
超完美男人The Perfect Man
尷尬時刻That Awkard Moment
黑暗邊緣Edge of Darkness
時間旅行者的妻子The Time Travelers Wife
星際迷航2:暗黑無界Star Trek Into Darkness
芭比之神秘之門Barbie and The Secret Door
鱷魚鄧迪Crocodile Dundee
鍋蓋頭2Jarhead 2 Field of Fire
熱血教師The Ron Clark Story
煞到你Down To You
死神來了Final Destination
四十七浪人47 Ronin
蘇絲黃的世界The World of Suzie Wong
泰山與珍妮Tarzan & Jane
長大後Grown Ups
歡樂滿人間Mary Poppins
環太平洋Pacific Rim
金剛狼X-Men Origins Wolverine
馬達加斯加的瘋狂情人節Madly Madagascar
木馬屠城記Helen of Troy
奇幻精靈历險記The Spiderwick Chronicles
爲奴十二年12 Years a Slave
美國隊長2Captain America The Winter Soldier
新木馬屠城記Helen of Troy
藍色茉莉Blue Jasmine
我家買了動物園We Bought A Zoo
巴托克小英雄Bartok the Magnificent
米奇與魔豆Fun And Fancy Free
小鬼神偷Catch That Kid
南方之歌Song of the South
搖滾夏令營Camp Rock
海市蜃樓The Langoliers
忠犬八公Hachiko A Dogs Story
黑鷹計劃Black Hawk Down
紅鼻子馴鹿魯道夫Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
家庭作業The Art Of Getting By
迷宮行者The Maze Runner
聖杯神器-骸骨之城The Mortal Instruments City of Bones
時間規劃局In Time
世界盡頭The Worlds End
我們需要談談凱文We Need To Talk About Kevin
我是傳奇I Am Legend
與狼共舞Dances With Wolves