音視頻英文對白-霧都孤兒Oliver Twist


中文名:霧都孤兒  更多… 英文名:Oliver Twist 別名:孤雛淚時間:2005年09月23日片長:130 Mins 類型:劇情 家庭導演:羅曼·波蘭斯基 Roman Polanski 主演:Barney Clarke    Jeremy Swift    伊恩·麥克內絲 Ian McNeice    Richard Durden    Timothy Bateson    Andy de la Tour   地區:美國,語言:英語,字幕:英文劇情簡介:  19世紀30年代的英國,在一個寒風料峭的深夜,一個男嬰剛在貧民區里呱呱墜地,苦命的母親便撒手人寰。誰也不知道產婦的身份,男嬰由此成了無名孤兒。後來他被當地教會收養,撫養他的女管事給他起名奧利弗·忒斯特。   奧利弗(巴尼·克拉克飾)9歲時,由於沒人供養他上學讀書,於是進了濟貧院的童工作坊,每天從事繁重的體力勞動。因爲奧利弗既不會耍滑偷懶,也不會阿諛奉承,所以經常受到管事的打罵。這些正在發育的孩子們終日衣不遮體、食不果腹,萬般無奈下,他們決定抽簽選定提出加粥的人選,結果抽中的正是奧利弗。晚餐時,奧利弗如實提出了要求他對管事說道:「Please,sir.I want some more」.大驚失色的管事決定攆走這個造反的隱患。  不過幸運的是,奧利弗終於沒能成爲打掃煙囪的小工,而是被殯儀館老板索爾比利相中,成了他用五英鎊買來的學徒。循規蹈矩的奧利弗很快得到老板夫婦的器重,卻也遭到了年長學徒諾爾的嫉妒。諾爾取笑奧利弗死去的母親,奧利弗忍無可忍大打出手,後來卻被老板誤解,遭到毒打。一氣之下,奧利弗含恨出走,奔向遠方的霧都倫敦。 timberland pas cher 在倫敦郊區,饑寒交迫的奧利弗遇到了阿特福,阿特福不僅爲他提供了棲身之處,還將他引薦給一個叫費金的人(本·金斯利飾)。天真無邪的奧利弗還蒙在鼓里,他住的地方其實是個賊窩,這些孩子都被當作犯罪工具,而費金正是他們的「教父」。  一天,奧利弗和阿特福等人一起上街,阿特福行竊時意外敗露,混亂中,奧利弗被人當作小偷抓進了警局。幸虧一位書店老板證明了奧利弗的無辜,而被偷的富翁布朗羅也心生愛憐,於是將奧利弗接到了家中。費金和同夥西克(傑米·福爾曼飾)並未善罷甘休,趁奧利弗外出買書之際將其綁架,而布朗羅則誤以爲小男孩攜款潛逃,心中失望不已。又回到賊巢的的奧利弗在費金的哄騙下道出了布朗羅家的境況,並被西克脅迫前去搶劫。雖然搶劫被成功阻止,但奧利弗卻被冷槍擊中,正當西克準備將他拋進河中之際,同行的托比救下了奧利弗。  險惡叵測的西克依然鼓動費金除掉奧利弗以絕後患,而他的女友南茜則試圖保護奧利弗,並和布朗羅取得聯系,希望幫無辜的奧利弗逃出魔窟。孰料,南茜的意圖已被費金察覺,不久便被西克殘忍的殺害。  警方很快對西克和費金展開抓捕,逃跑中,西克不慎喪命,費金最終被繩之以法。不久,布朗羅帶著奧利弗探望獄中的費金,盡管經历了種種費金造就的不幸,而善良的奧利弗卻仍在心底默默爲他祈禱……   In the 1800s, young orphan Oliver Twist is forcibly brought to a workhouse in an unidentified town In England on his ninth birthday. He and the other resident children are treated poorly and given very little food. Facing starvation, the boys select Oliver (through a lottery) to ask for more food at the next meal, which he tentatively does. vente privee ugg This results in Oliver being chastised, and the workhouse officials, who are wealthy, well-fed, hypocritical men, decide to get rid of him. After nearly being sold as an apprentice to a cruel chimney sweep, Oliver is sent to Mr. Sowerberry, a coffin-maker, whose wife and senior apprentice take an instant dislike to the newcomer. After more poor treatment, Oliver snaps and attacks Noah, the snotty older apprentice, for having insulted his mother. chaussure Puma Knowing his life with the Sowerberrys will only get worse, Oliver escapes on foot early the next morning.   With little food, Oliver determines to walk 70 miles to London. After he collapses from hunger and exhaustion, a kindly old woman gives him food and lodgings for the night. After a week of travel, he arrives at the city, barefoot and penniless. He meets Jack Dawkins, or 「The Artful Dodger,」 a boy-thief who takes Oliver to his home and hideout at Saffron Hill that he shares with many other young pickpockets and their eccentric elderly leader, Fagin. Soon, Oliver is being groomed to join their gang. On his first outing with the pickpockets, two of the boys steal a man』s handkerchief and Oliver is framed. However he is proven innocent by an eyewitness, and the owner of the handkerchief (the wealthy Mr. Brownlow) takes pity on Oliver, who had collapsed from a fever in the courtroom. Brownlow, believing that Oliver is innocent, informally adopts him, giving him new clothes and the promise of a good education. moncler homme soldes However, while out running an errand for Brownlow, Oliver is forcibly returned to the pickpocket gang by Fagin』s associate, the evil Bill Sikes, and the young prostitute Nancy (who is in a complex and abusive relationship with Sikes). Fagin and Sikes worried that Oliver would 「peach,」 and tell the authorities about their criminal activity. ugg soldes 2018 Oliver is put under supervision until Bill Sikes discovers the boy』s connection to the rich Mr. Brownlow. During midnight, Sikes and his accomplice, Toby Crackit, force Oliver to aid them in robbing Brownlow』s house. They are discovered and Oliver is wounded in a brief shootout between Brownlow and Sikes. As the three escape, Bill decides to murder Oliver to ensure his silence, but falls into a nearby river before he can take action.   Sikes survives his near-drowning, but is confined to bed with a heavy fever. Fagin, despite treating Oliver kindly, remains crime-focused and plots with Sikes to kill Oliver when Sikes has recovered. Nancy has a maternal love for Oliver and does not want to see him hurt, but she is controlled by the abusive Sikes. She drugs Bill, and goes to Brownlow』s house where she arranges to have him meet her on London Bridge at midnight so she can provide information about Oliver. At the meeting, Nancy cautiously reveals that Oliver is staying with Fagin, and that the authorities will easily find them. Brownlow leaves to call the police. The Artful Dodger, who had been sent by a suspicious Fagin to spy on Nancy, had heard everything and is bullied by Bill Sikes to give up the information. bottes ugg soldes Sikes is furious at Nancy』s betrayal, and brutally beats her to death in their apartment….

仙履奇緣2: 美夢成真Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

  Cinderella與王子渡完蜜月,開始她在皇宮中身為王妃的生活,但她一開始實在無法適應這樣的新生活;另一方面Cinderella 的那群小老鼠朋友也很想念她,甚至那位Jaq還去請求神仙教母把他變成人類,他認為如此一來也許Cinderella就會花較多的時間來陪陪他,最後無論是Cinderella還是她的朋友,都發現即使最美好的夢想成真,一切都還是要保持真實的自我,這才是最快樂的生活! 中文名:仙履奇緣2:美夢成真  更多… 英文名:Cinderella II: Dreams Come True 別名:灰姑娘2:美夢成真/辛德瑞拉2:美夢成真時間:2002年02月23日片長:73 Mins 類型:動畫 家庭 奇幻 愛情導演:John Kafka 主演:詹尼弗•哈爾 Jennifer Hale    Tress MacNeille    Rob Paulsen    柯瑞•伯頓 Corey Burton    荷蘭•泰勒 Holland Taylor    Susan Blakeslee  地區:美國,語言:英語,字幕:英文劇情介紹:  迪士尼接續1950年第12部經典動畫[仙履奇緣](Cinderella)所推出的續集,於2002年在美國發行錄影帶、DVD直接推出。 ugg australia pas cher [仙履奇緣2 美夢成真] 故事則是發生在Cinderella與王子渡完蜜月,開始她在皇宮中身為王妃的生活,但她一開始實在無法適應這樣的新生活,另一方面Cinderella的那群小老鼠朋友也很想念她,甚至那位Jaq還去請求神仙教母把他變成人類,他認為如此一來也許Cinderella就會花較多的時間來陪陪他!最後無論是Cinderella還是她的朋友,都發現即使最美好的夢想成真,一切都還是要保持真實的自我,這才是最快樂的生活!   此續集主要接續前作,講灰姑娘美夢成真後的短篇故事,三篇故事以不同的方式強調快樂做自己的重要。故事開始於仙杜瑞拉的老鼠朋友們想要做一本書送給仙杜瑞拉  第一篇: 仙杜瑞拉和王子結婚度蜜月回來後,國王指派仙杜瑞拉在他和王子出遊回來前要籌備好皇家宴會及學會當一個公主,並派女管家普露登絲擔任指導。普露登絲是傳統且嚴格講究規矩的管家,教仙杜瑞拉許多皇家規矩和公主禮儀,但這些規矩都非常單調且無聊。起初仙杜瑞拉都盡力配合學習,但卻發現為了成為傳統的公主而迷失自己,仙杜瑞拉認為王子愛的是原本的她,因此她決定做回自己並用自己的方式籌辦皇家宴會,最終打破傳統的新方式反而讓國王很滿意,王子也很喜歡這樣的公主。  第二篇: 自仙杜瑞拉成為公主,身邊有很多僕人服侍後,老鼠們發現仙杜瑞拉不再需要他們而感到沮喪。傑克想幫忙卻總是搞砸,覺得一切都是因為老鼠太小的關係,希望自己能變大,變成人類就能幫助仙杜瑞拉,神仙教母聽到傑克的心願變將他變成了人類。 timberland chaussures 但仙杜瑞拉和他的老鼠朋友們都不認得變成人類後的傑克,傑克不知該怎麼以人類的方式幫忙,而且許多老鼠的習慣還是改不掉,例如仍然很怕貓,所以還是幫不上忙。在仙杜瑞拉籌備的春季慶典上,因人類傑克越幫越忙,驚嚇到國王騎的大象,而能阻止大象的只有老鼠,因此傑克拜託神仙教母將他變回,最後終於以自己(老鼠)的方式幫助了仙杜瑞拉。  第三篇: 仙杜瑞拉舉辦了皇家舞會邀請全鎮的人參加,崔梅恩夫人要兩個女兒好好打扮才能在舞會上找到理想物件(高官、爵士)。但安泰西亞卻愛上麵包師,正好也上街買東西的仙杜瑞拉看到兩人的邂逅,決定幫助安泰西亞。仙杜瑞拉帶安泰西亞到城堡打扮並希望能幫助她告白成功。從小被教導外表決定一切的安泰西亞喜歡過度的打扮和珠寶,即使打扮的再漂亮,安泰西亞還是沒信心,因為母親不允許她和麵包師在一起,但仙杜瑞拉卻教她最重要的是保持微笑並遵循自己的心。事後安泰西亞偷溜出家打算邀請麵包師擔任舞會男伴,兩人相會被崔梅恩夫人發現且極力反對,但最終安泰西亞反抗母親的命令,為自己做決定,追尋自己想要的幸福。安泰西亞和麵包師出席舞會並感謝仙杜瑞拉的幫忙。  最終在神仙教母的小幫助下,老鼠們完成了這本書並送給了仙杜瑞拉,大家一起聽仙杜瑞拉念故事。  Anastasia, one of Cinderella’s stepsister, falls in love with a kind but common baker, which her mother Lady Tremaine and older sister Drizella disapprove of. Lady Tremaine tells her daughter to never speak to the baker as she forbids it. After a mishap in trying to get Anastasia and the Baker together again, Cinderella’s mice friends (including Jaq and Gus) run into Lucifer and the minute he sees them; he starts chasing after them. Anastasia meets the baker again but the chase involving the mice and Lucifer, causes Anastasia to get kicked by a horse into the baker’s shop. However, she is distraught by this and runs out of the baker’s shop. A few villagers laugh at Anastasia upon seeing her covered in egg yokes and she retreats to a area with a small fountain, Cinderella finds her and tries to convince her step sister to do what she wants and not continue to obey Lady Tremaine. Moncler enfant doudoune pas cher Lucifer enters the palace, still chasing Cinderella’s mice friends but stops once he spots Pom Pom and falls in love with her. She sees him too but dislikes him. The mice decide to help their old nemesis. That is, if Lucifer promises to stop chasing mice. basket timberland The baker buys a flower garland to give to Anastasia who also buys one to give to him. As she heads near his shop, she sees him with another woman commenting on the garland. Anastasia assumes that the baker has left her for someone else and does not see the other lady’s lover as she runs off in tears. When Lucifer and Pom Pom get together, Pom Pom goads Lucifer into breaking his promise and helping her catch the mice. In the ensuing chaos, a jug of water pours on Pom Pom and she leaves Lucifer. The baker goes after Anastasia but gives up and sits near a fountain (which is bigger than the other one), where Anastasia is. puma 2018 pas cher A goat appears and eats up most of his garland, reducing it to only a few flowers. The baker hears Anastasia crying and proves his love for her by placing one of the flowers from his garland into her hair, the moment between them is interrupted when Lady Tremaine and Drizella arrive. Cinderella; unknown to anyone else, arrives and secretly watches as Lady Tremaine berates Anastasia. She tries to pull Anastasia away from the baker again, but she finally stands up to her mother and declares that she and the baker are going to the ball together. Rather than argue with Anastasia’s decision; Lady Tremaine makes her leave, shortly followed by Drizella. bottes ugg soldes Later at the ball, Anastasia thanks Cinderella for helping her and Cinderella tells her “Dreams do come true”, the segment then ends.   The mice finish their book, and the Fairy Godmother asks if they are ready to show it to Cinderella, she is spotted out in the hallway and the mice follow after her with the book. They sing a reprise of “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo”, When they catch up with her (with some assistance), she asks them what it is, Gus telling her is a book about them all. Cinderella thinks it is wonderful and asks if the mice would like to read it together, to which the mice give a resounding “Yes!”.

虎兄虎弟Two Brothers

  影片要追溯到上個世紀20年代的法屬殖民地印度支那,聲名狼藉的英國獵手艾丹•邁克拉裏(蓋•皮爾斯)本以獵取象牙為生,但卻在一次獵殺行動中發現了老虎一家,這對他們來說簡直是一場意外的收穫。 中文名:虎兄虎弟  更多… 英文名:Two Brothers 別名:虎海飄零/兩隻老虎/雙虎奇緣/虎仔兩兄弟時間:2004年06月12日片長:109 Mins 類型:冒險 劇情 家庭導演:讓•雅克•阿諾 Jean-Jacques Annaud 主演:蓋•皮爾斯 Guy Pearce    讓•克勞德•德夫斯 Jean-Claude Dreyfus    弗雷迪•海默 Freddie Highmore    Oanh Nguyen    菲麗帕•裏羅伊 Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu    Moussa Maaskri  地區:美國,語言:英語,字幕:英文劇情介紹:  影片要追溯到上個世紀20年代的法屬殖民地印度支那,聲名狼藉的英國獵手艾丹•邁克拉裏(蓋•皮爾斯)本以獵取象牙為生,但卻在一次獵殺行動中發現了老虎一家,這對他們來說簡直是一場意外的收穫。在捕殺了幼虎戈莫和桑哈的父親後,儘管幼虎的媽媽曾經兩次試圖救回她的孩子,但是殘酷的命運還是將這對雙胞胎虎兄弟分開了。   戈莫和桑哈,一個羞怯而溫和,一個粗暴而兇猛。分開後兇猛的哥哥戈莫被賣到了馬戲團,在那裏,思鄉病與被圈養在籠子中的生活擄走了戈莫的銳氣。而溫和的弟弟桑哈處境則稍好一些,成為了當地法籍長官尤因•諾曼丁(讓•克勞德•德夫斯)那孤單的兒子拉奧(弗雷迪•海默)的寵物與玩伴。 soldes puma sneakers 諾曼丁打算把附近的叢林發展成旅遊景點,但是這必須要得到他的上級(歐安•紐因)的同意,於是這個家庭將桑哈送去培養成“鬥士”參加比賽,取悅他的上級。 Moncler enfant doudoune pas cher   當兩隻老虎長大成熟後,它們再次相遇,只不過這一次他們不再是兄弟而是敵人……最後,兩隻老虎逃出了牢籠,回到了叢林。 puma 2018 pas cher 但是它們卻對當地的村莊構成了潛在的威脅,諾曼丁派邁克拉裏去把它們殺掉,可當邁克拉裏看見這兩隻老虎快樂地回到屬於它們的那片叢林時,他再也不能下手,不能允許自己完成任務,於是,他把戈莫和桑哈留給了屬於它們的命運,轉身離去。  Set not so long ago in a distant land, the film follows the adventures of twin tiger cubs–one shy and gentle, the other bold and fierce–who are born among the temple ruins of an exotic jungle. magasin uggs pas cher However, on a fateful day, the brothers are separated by fate. The bold brother is sold off to a circus, where homesickness and living in a cage rob him of his spirit. doudoune moncler homme Meanwhile, the shy cub becomes the beloved companion of the governor’s lonely young son, until an accident forces the family to give him away to a man who resolves to break his gentle nature and turn him into a fighter for sport.

奇妙仙子Tinker Bell

  小叮噹(Tinker Bell)是個感情多變的美麗小仙子,她是小飛俠彼得潘忠實的夥伴,而美麗的她可是個不折不扣的“醋罎子”,當溫蒂和她的女兒珍妮進入彼得潘的生活得時候,她都曾經試圖“剷除”她們,當然,溫蒂和珍妮最後都安然無恙。 中文名:奇妙仙子  更多… 英文名:Tinker Bell 別名:叮噹小仙女/仙女小叮噹/小叮噹/    小叮噹:冬日物語/廷克•貝爾時間:2008年10月28日片長:78 Mins 類型:動畫 冒險 家庭 奇幻導演:Bradley Raymond 主演:梅•惠特曼 Mae Whitman    克裏斯汀•肯諾恩斯 Kristin Chenoweth    瑞雯•西蒙妮 Raven-Symone    劉玉玲 Lucy Liu    亞美利加•費雷拉 America Ferrera    簡•霍洛克斯 Jane Horrocks  地區:美國,語言:英語,字幕:英文劇情簡介:   小叮噹(Tinker Bell)是個感情多變的美麗小仙子,她是小飛俠彼得潘忠實的夥伴,而美麗的她可是個不折不扣的“醋罎子”,當溫蒂和她的女兒珍妮進入彼得潘的生活得時候,她都曾經試圖“剷除”她們,當然,溫蒂和珍妮最後都安然無恙。   迪士尼最受歡迎的小仙子,給你全新動畫《奇妙仙子》,首次擔演主角的她,即將帶你進入神秘的精靈山谷,揭開遇上小飛俠前的身世和秘密,體驗仙子們的激萌成長歷程!大家有否想過,自然現象怎樣製造出來?是誰讓季節轉換色彩?精靈山谷裏,每位仙子也擁有不同的魔法技能;奇妙仙子不甘心只做一名工匠,希望得到比人強的能力,結果差點令春季無法降臨大地……幸好她用堅持信念,還有靠幾位仙子好友的幫助,最終明白到每位仙子也有其獨當一面的能力。 soldes timberland 明白每個人的存在都是有用的。  Tinker Bell (Mae Whitman) is born from the first laugh of a baby, and is brought by the winds to Pixie Hollow (which is part of the island of Never Land). She learns that her talent is to be one of the tinkers, the fairies who make and fix things. vente privee ugg Two other tinker fairies, Bobble (Rob Paulsen) and Clank (Jeff Bennett), teach her their craft, and tell her about the fairies who visit the mainland to bring each season. Tinker Bell is thrilled and cannot wait to go to the mainland for spring. ugg france   While out working, she meets Silvermist (Lucy Liu), a water fairy; Rosetta (Kristin Chenoweth), a garden fairy; Iridessa (Raven-Symoné), a light fairy; and Fawn (America Ferrera), an animal fairy. After meeting them, she notices Vidia (Pamela Adlon), a fast-flying fairy who immediately dislikes her because of her unusually strong talent. Vidia challenges her to prove she will be able to go to the mainland, and Tinker Bell creates several inventions, which she shows to the Minister of Spring (Steve Valentine). But Tinker Bell soon learns from Queen Clarion (Anjelica Huston) that only nature-talent fairies visit the mainland.   She tries her hand at nature skills; making dewdrops with Silvermist, lighting fireflies with Iridessa, and trying with Fawn to teach baby birds to fly, but she fails miserably at all of these. Meanwhile, Bobble and Clank cover for Tinker Bell when questioned by Fairy Mary (Jane Horrocks), the tinker fairy overseer. bottes timberland When Tinker Bell returns, she tries to explain, but Mary simply responds that she knows, and expresses her disappointment with Tinker Bell’s actions.   On the beach, Tinker Bell finds parts of a music box and figures out how to put them together. Iridessa, Fawn, Silvermist, and Rosetta witness her doing this, then tell her that she was tinkering and that she should be proud of her talent—if this is what she’s good at, the mainland should not matter. But Tinker Bell still wants to go to the mainland. Timberland Soldes She asks Rosetta if she will still teach her to be a garden fairy, but Rosetta says she thinks that tinkering is Tinker Bell’s talent. basket timberland   As a last resort, Tinker Bell asks Vidia for help in becoming a garden fairy. Vidia craftily tells her that capturing the sprinting thistles would prove her worth. However, once she sees Tinker Bell making progress, she lets the captured thistles loose, and in attempting to recapture them, Tinker Bell destroys all the preparations for spring. Tinker Bell decides to leave, but after talking with the light-keeper, Terence (Jesse McCartney), about how important his job is, she realizes the importance of a tinker.   Tinker Bell redeems herself by inventing machines that quicken the process of decorating flowers, ladybugs, etc. This allows the other fairies to get back on schedule, thus saving the arrival of spring. Vidia is punished for prompting her to cause the chaos, and Queen Clarion allows Tinker Bell to join the nature-talent fairies when they bring spring to the mainland. Tinker Bell is given the task of delivering the music box to its original owner (shown to be Wendy Darling).

獅子王3 The Lion King 1½

  想知道獅子王的最佳拍檔彭彭與丁滿這對活寶是怎麼不打不相識的嗎?他們又是如何闖入獅子王的家族,甚至改寫了小獅王辛巴的傳奇一生?現在,迪士尼全新動畫電影[獅子王3]將帶您回到故事的最開頭, moncler en ligne 讓彭彭和丁滿一一揭開[獅子王]故事裏所有鮮為人知的秘密! 中文名:獅子王3  更多… 英文名:The Lion King 1½ 別名:獅子王 一又二分之一時間:2004年02月10日片長:77 Mins 類型:動畫 喜劇 家庭 冒險導演:Bradley Raymond 主演:南森•萊恩 Nathan Lane    Ernie Sabella    朱莉•凱夫納 Julie Kavner    傑裏•斯蒂勒 Jerry Stiller    馬修•布魯德里克 Matthew Broderick    羅伯特•吉爾勞姆 Robert Guillaume  地區:美國, soldes moncler 語言:英語,字幕:英文劇情介紹:  想知道獅子王的最佳拍檔彭彭與丁滿這對活寶是怎麼不打不相識的嗎?他們又是如何闖入獅子王的家族,甚至改寫了小獅王辛巴的傳奇一生?現在, puma pas cher 迪士尼全新動畫電影[獅子王3]將帶您回到故事的最開頭,讓彭彭和丁滿一一揭開[獅子王]故事裏所有鮮為人知的秘密!特別是當時發生在小獅王辛巴身上幾個重要事件的內幕;其中包括當動物們一步步走向榮耀石跪下來祝賀小獅王辛巴的誕生,在那令人感動的偉大時刻,竟然發生了一件讓眾人跌破眼鏡的爆笑事件!還有更多更多的驚人發現,等您來一探究竟!   Timon and Pumbaa start to watch the original Lion King movie, but Timon keeps insisting to fast forward to when they come in, because they weren’t seen in the beginning of the story or anywhere until halfway through. Pumbaa suggests telling the audience their story, ugg homme which begins before Simba’s journey begins. moncler Through this, we meet Timon’s mother and Uncle Max, discover why he left his meerkat colony, where he learned Hakuna Matata, how he meets Pumbaa,

哈利波特與魔法石Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

  影片描寫11歲的哈利•波特從小被人家當成怪胎,他一直以為自己只是一個平凡的小孩,直到他收到來自魔法學校的入學通知書,帶領他進入神奇的魔法世界,他的人生才從此有了重大的轉變。 中文名:哈利波特與魔法石  更多… 英文名:Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone 別名:哈利波特:神祕的魔法石/哈利•波特1 時間:2001年11月14日片長:152 Mins 類型:冒險 家庭 奇幻導演:克裏斯•哥倫布 Chris Columbus 主演:理查•哈裏斯 Richard Harris    瑪姬•史密斯 Maggie Smith    羅彼•考特拉尼 Robbie Coltrane    Saunders Triplets    丹尼爾•雷德克裏夫 Daniel Radcliffe    費奧娜•肖 Fiona Shaw  地區:美國,語言:英語,字幕:英文劇情簡介:   《哈利•波特與魔法石》改編自英國女作家J.K.羅琳(J.K.Rowling)的《哈利•波特》系列小說。該系列小說已被翻譯成60種文字,銷量超過1億冊,被評為最暢銷的4部兒童小說之一,有可能成為繼米老鼠、史努比、加菲貓等卡通形象以來最成功的兒童產業。本片是《哈利•波特》的首部銀幕作品,耗資達1.25億美元。影片描寫11歲的哈利•波特從小被人家當成怪胎,他一直以為自己只是一個平凡的小孩,直到他收到來自魔法學校的入學通知書,帶領他進入神奇的魔法世界,他的人生才從此有了重大的轉變。 片中的主角哈利•波特由11歲英國男孩丹尼爾•雷德克裏弗(Daniel Radcliffe)扮演。 Achat chaussure Puma 丹尼爾是從數千名應試者中挑選出來的,他曾在BBC拍攝的《大衛•科伯菲爾》一片中扮演過年少時的大衛。另外兩名英國學生、今年11歲和10歲的沃特森和格林特將出演劇中人物哈裏的兩個好朋友。 Bottes UGG Pas Cher France En Ligne      本片導演克裏斯•哥倫布(Chris Columbus)曾指導過《小鬼當家》第一、二部以及《肥媽先生》、《繼母》等影片。      2001年11月16日,這部影片將在美國以破紀錄的4000間院線上映,打破了湯姆•克魯斯《碟中諜》3653間戲院上映的紀錄。電影業界人士預言“哈利•波特”將打破《泰坦尼克號》創造的全球18億美元的票房紀錄。   從小寄養在姨丈家裏的哈利波特,飽受姨丈一家人的歧視與欺侮,然而就在11歲生日那天,哈利•波特得知了自己的身世,他的生活也隨之發生了天翻地覆的改變。原來,哈利的父母是兩位善良的巫師,在同壞人的較量中被對方殺害了。   為了繼承父母的遺志,哈利來到了英國一所專門教授魔法與巫術的霍格華茲寄宿學院。 soldes moncler 進入霍格華茲學院後,哈利成了葛來分多一年級新生,與榮恩、妙麗成了形影不離的好朋友,許多成為魔法師的課程正在等著他研習,有飛行課、黑魔法防禦術、魔藥學與變形魔法等等,當然還有讓所有巫師瘋狂的魁地奇球賽。   在一次與同學的爭執中,哈利表現出超乎所有人想像的飛行技能,連他自己都很意外,傳授飛行技術的麥教授因此推薦他加入葛來分多魁地奇球賽的隊員,另一方面,魔藥學的教授石內卜,似乎總是對哈利不怎么友善,除了在課堂上刁難他外,還處處找哈利的麻煩,但是,哈利再一次偶然的機會裏,發現石內蔔嚴詞威脅著懦弱的奎若教授,甚至石內蔔腳上三頭犬的咬痕,更可以證明哈利的推斷是正確的:有股邪惡的陰謀在平靜的霍格華茲裏悄悄地滋長著,石內蔔似乎就是這一切的關鍵人物。   於是哈利、榮恩與妙麗這三個好朋友決定一同去探個究竟,阻止邪惡陰謀的發生。哈利、榮恩與妙麗這三個葛來分多一年級的新生,究竟有沒有辦法阻止這個不為人知的邪惡事件發生呢?而隱藏再這邪惡事件的幕後,又是誰在操縱這一切呢?哈利波特第一年的學生生涯可否安全地度過呢?   Young Harry Potter has to lead a hard life: His parents have died in a car crash when he was still a baby, and he is being brought up by his Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia. For some reason unbeknownst to the bespectacled ten-year-old, the Dursleys let him live in the small chamber under the stairs, and treat him more like vermin than like a family member. His fat cousin Dudley, the Dursley’s real son, keeps bothering Harry all the time. puma chaussures On his eleventh birthday, Harry Potter finally receives a mysterious letter from a certain Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, telling him that he is chosen as one of the future students of that supposedly renowned school. Hagrid, the gigantic man who brought the letter, finally introduces Harry into the real circumstances of his life: His parents were a wizard and a witch, they were killed by the evil wizard Voldemort protecting him. chaussure Puma Harry still has a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead from that event. Since he survived the attack as a baby, and also somehow deprived Voldemort from his powers, he has been famous in the wizarding world ever since. Moncler doudounes femmes The Dursleys, strong disbelievers in that magical crap, never told Harry anything about his true self. So, Harry is strongly surprised, yet absolutely happy to start his training. At Hogwarts, Harry meets his teachers, and becomes friends with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. The three of them accidentally find out that the potions master, Severus Snape, seems to plot on stealing something that is guarded by a three-headed dog. puma Since nobody would believe some first years to have found out such important things that even would incriminate a Hogwarts teacher, they take it on themselves to find out what Snape is up to. Their quest for the truth leads across many obstacles, from keeping up the everyday school life, a bewitched Quidditch match (Quidditch is a popular wizard sport), Fluffy, the three-headed monster dog and quite some tasks one has to overcome to get to the guarded object.

巴格達竊賊The Thief of Bagdad

  主要描寫巴格達這位英俊瀟灑的竊賊歷盡千辛萬苦,戰勝無數艱難險阻和妖魔鬼怪,還打敗了率兵兩萬前來攻佔巴格達的蒙古王,拯救了巴格達王國和美麗的公主,最後獲得了幸福和愛情的故事。 puma 2018 pas cher 中文名:巴格達竊賊  更多… 英文名:The Thief of Bagdad 別名:月宮寶盒/九八零月宮寶盒時間:1924年03月18日片長:155 Mins 類型:冒險 家庭 奇幻導演:拉烏爾沃爾什 Raoul Walsh 主演:道格拉斯•範朋克 Douglas Fairbanks    Snitz Edwards    Charles Belcher    Julanne Johnston    Sojin    黃柳霜 Anna May Wong  地區:美國,語言:英語,字幕:英文劇情介紹:  拉烏爾.沃爾什執導的一部黑白電影。 Baskets Puma 道格拉斯.費爾班克斯(飾竊賊)、朱蘭娜.約翰斯頓(飾公主)。本片在1924年美國《紐約時報》評選出的當年10部“最佳影片”中名列第2位。 soldes puma sneakers 主要描寫巴格達這位英俊瀟灑的竊賊歷盡千辛萬苦,戰勝無數艱難險阻和妖魔鬼怪,還打敗了率兵兩萬前來攻佔巴格達的蒙古王,拯救了巴格達王國和美麗的公主,最後獲得了幸福和愛情的故事。這是一部具有濃郁東方傳奇色彩的影片,以大量神奇壯觀的場面表現了公主和竊賊的忠貞愛情。  巴格達有一個年輕英俊、精力旺盛的竊賊,有一天他突發奇想,喬裝成貴族混入巴格達宮殿,對美麗的公主一見傾心。 ugg femme pas cher 侍衛將他抓住並嚴刑拷打,公主將他救出,還送他一枚象徵愛情的戒指。這時,許多慕公主美名來到巴格達的求婚者向公主展開了攻勢,公主出的考題是:誰能找到最稀有的寶貝就嫁給誰。在清真寺受聖人指點後,竊賊歷盡艱苦、戰勝險惡,帶著寶貝歸來,並打敗了邪惡的蒙古王查桑和他的2萬軍隊,使巴格達王國倖免於難,如願以償地獲得了愛情和幸福——美麗的公主。  The thief will steal the gold from your purse; the food from your house; or the magic rope. Whatever he wants, he takes and he has decided to steal from the Caliph – until he sees the Princess. bottes timberland He loses his heart to her and disguises himself as Prince Ahmed – one of four royal suitors for her hand. When she picks him, he is overcome and confesses to his true nature which gets him flogged and thrown out of the palace. But he can yet win the Princess as all the suitors travel to find the rarest of treasures. Timberland FR His trip is fraught with danger as he competes against the magic carpet brought by the Prince of Persia, the magic crystal stolen by the Prince of India and the magic apple taken by the Mongol Prince – who desires the Princess and the city of Bagdad.

驚天大騙局Big Fat Liar

中文名:驚天大騙局  更多…
英文名:Big Fat Liar
片長:88 Mins
類型:冒險 喜劇 家庭
導演:肖恩•利維 Shawn Levy
主演:弗蘭奇•莫尼茲 Frankie Muniz
   保羅•吉亞瑪提 Paul Giamatti
   艾曼達•拜恩斯 Amanda Bynes
   艾曼達•達特曼 Amanda Detmer
   唐納德•法森 Donald Faison
   吳珊卓/桑德拉•歐 Sandra Oh   地區:美國,語言:英語,字幕:英文
  A take on the classic tale ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’, this is the story of a 14-year-old boy named Jason Shephard who lies for the fun of it. He loses an important story assignment entitled ‘Big Fat Liar’ in movie producer Marty Wolf’s limo, which Wolf then turns into a film. When Jason sees a movie preview of his story, he and his best friend Kaylee go to Los Angeles to make Wolf confess to using his story, to clear his name, and to get him out of having to attend summer school. The teen liar then has to match wits with Wolf, who also turns out to be a big liar.

神奇小子Magic Kid

  學習空手道和相互開玩笑從未停止時的兩兄妹前往加州訪問他們的叔叔. 他們很快就發現他們的叔叔被惡人威脅,保護自己的親人,兄妹倆一起出手.
中文名:神奇小子  更多…
英文名:Magic Kid
片長:90 Mins
類型:喜劇 家庭
導演:約瑟夫•莫西 Joseph Merhi
主演:斯蒂芬•福斯特Stephen Furst
   Shonda Whipple
   Joseph Campanella
   Bill Hufsey
   Christopher Mitchum
   Lauren Tewes
  學習空手道和相互開玩笑從未停止時的兩兄妹前往加州訪問他們的叔叔. 他們很快就發現他們的叔叔被惡人威脅,保護自己的親人,兄妹倆一起出手.
  Karate action and laughs never cease when a brother and sister go to California to visit their uncle. They soon discover that he’s an alcoholic on the run from the Mob who want him to pay up or else


中文名:魔法奇緣  更多…
片長:107 Mins
類型:喜劇 家庭 奇幻 音樂劇 愛情
導演:凱文•利馬 Kevin Lima
主演:艾米•亞當斯 Amy Adams
   派翠克•德姆西 Patrick Dempsey
   詹姆斯•麥斯登 James Marsden
   蒂姆西•斯鮑爾 Timothy Spall
   Idina Menzel
   Rachel Covey  地區:美國,語言:英語,字幕:英文
  Once upon a time in the kingdom of Andalasia, a beautiful young maiden named Giselle lives in a cottage in the forest. But before she can marry the dashing Prince Edward, Giselle is sent tumbling down a magical well – and finds herself in the non-animated, extremely disenchanted world of modern-day New York City. There, she befriends a cynical divorce lawyer, Robert, who isn’t so sure that her prince is coming to rescue her. Giselle’s spontaneous singing and fairy-tale demeanor enchant everyone around her as she waits for Prince Edward. But she’s about to discover that love in the real world isn’t always as easy as sharing a single True Love’s Kiss – and that she’ll need courage, spunk and maybe just a little enchantment if she’s ever going to find her own happily-ever-after.