中文名:征服者  更多… 英文名:Pathfinder 別名:探險者/開拓者/領路人/屠龍戰紀時間:2007年04月13日片長:99 Mins 類型:動作 冒險 劇情 驚怵 戰爭導演:馬考斯•尼斯派爾 Marcus Nispel 主演:卡爾•厄本 Karl Urban    穆恩•布拉得古德 Moon Bloodgood    羅塞爾•米恩斯 Russell Means    克萊希•布朗 Clancy Brown    傑•塔瓦雷 Jay Tavare    納旦尼爾•阿卡德 Nathaniel Arcand   地區:美國,語言:英語,字幕:英文劇情簡介:  結合民族、史詩、冒險、動作元素的英雄故事,背景在哥倫布發現新大陸前,印地安原住民抵禦維京人的傳奇故事:在哥倫布發現新大陸以前,海盜維京人就先發現了這片土地,他們上岸後遭到美洲印地安原住民的抵抗,倉皇中一名維京人的後代留在美洲大陸,印地安人將他取名為「Ghost」,並將他當成自己的孩子撫養長大。成年的Ghost面對北歐海盜再度來襲, 他的選擇是……   當美洲大陸還處於一片混沌,北歐海盜維京人開始遠航,妄圖征服這片未知大陸。在一次遠航船難中,一個維京小男孩被遺棄在了大陸的東岸,純樸的印第安人將他撫養長大。當25歲的他發現維京人又要對印第安村落進行野蠻的虐殺,已經成長成英勇戰士的他,毅然決定保護撫養自己長大的印第安人……      翻拍自深受好評的挪威懸疑動作大片,重回開拓者的年代,將發生在挪威的故事搬到了曾經荒蠻的美洲大陸,古老的斯堪的納維亞海盜傳說又有了嶄新的版本。緊隨《加勒比海盜2:聚魂棺》上映日期,大概是想沾沾新興海盜的榮光。 soldes moncler 除了有一個偶像級帥哥主角的出現,曾出品新版《德州電鋸殺人狂》的德國導演馬庫斯•尼斯佩爾將負責執導。 timberland femme 本片根據1987年的挪威電影《白夜迷蹤》改編而來。   《白夜迷蹤》的故事發生在西元1000年的挪威,一群生活在斯堪的納維亞半島北部的部族人殘忍地殺害了一家人:一對夫妻和他們的女兒。這突然降臨的不幸災難全部被這個家庭的小兒子看在眼裏,他僥倖逃離了這場屠殺,並下定決心要復仇。   但不幸的是,在他還沒能作出反擊的時候,那幫可惡的掠奪者竟把他當成了尋找當地人的嚮導。 Baskets Puma 他該怎麼辦?助紂為虐?還是想方設法地報仇呢?小男孩陷入到痛苦的抉擇之中。改編後的故事發生在哥倫布發現新大陸之前的500年的美洲大陸,那時的維京人已經發現了美洲大陸,被稱為”海盜”的維京人自從發現新大陸後就開始了劫掠的印地安原住民的過程。   故事開始於一群維京人在實施暴力後遭到印第安土著人的反抗,他們倉皇中將一維京小男孩留在美洲大陸,善良的印地安人將他當成自己的孩子撫養長大。20年後,長大了的維京男孩生活的部族再度遭遇北歐海盜的襲擊,一面是具有血緣關係的親人,一面是撫養自己長大的恩人,維京男孩也陷入到艱難的抉擇之中……   During the Dark Ages, a raiding party of Vikings led by an unnamed “great Viking warrior” arrived in the Americas with the intention of plunder and colonizing the “cursed” land. In so doing they plan on slaughtering the local Native American tribe. The “Thule”, or “Skræling” as the Vikings call them, are considered inferior, primitive and true savages, and the Vikings wish to “cleanse” the land before they settle there. While slaughtering native villagers, the Viking leader orders his son, only a twelve-year-old boy, to join in the carnage and the boy refuses. In return the boy is beaten and whipped. ugg outlet   After their longship is wrecked, the Vikings are caught unawares and attacked by another native tribe, the Wampanoag, who call themselves the “People of The Dawn”, and are massacred themselves. The sole survivor is the Viking leader’s traumatized blond-haired son, who is discovered in the wreckage among the frozen corpses of slaves by a native woman who adopts him as her own, after seeing a white horse by the wreck – there is a prophecy that a “creature swift of foot and white as snow” would bring about a time of great change. bottes timberland The boy is named “Ghost” for his paleness, and many of the tribe find it hard to accept him because of his similarity to the “demons who have never seen sunlight”.   Fifteen years later, Ghost (Karl Urban) still lives among them in relative happiness, yet remains tormented by his dreams which, along with his different appearance to the other tribesmen, interfere with his ability to be fully accepted into the native community. Ghost is frustrated that the others do not trust him, and despairs that he will never be considered a ‘Brave of The People’. He also has feelings for a young woman from an allied neighbouring tribe named Starfire (Moon Bloodgood), the daughter of the Pathfinder (Russell Means), an elderly chieftain searching for a worthy successor after the next intended Pathfinder has been killed in an avalanche. Ghost is the only person capable of using a sword as he is still in possession of his father’s Viking sword that had been left behind with him, and he often trains with it; the native tribe not having yet developed metalworking.   While hunting and gathering with the group, Ghost’s little sister wanders off and encounters a scouting party for a new group of Viking raiders. She only just manages to escape back to warn her family, but to no avail as the Vikings were able to follow her tracks and viciously attack. bottes ugg pas cher They raze the village, murdering everyone with delight, except a few tribesmen whom they want to combat individually in “duels”. timberland Ghost arrives at the village only just in time to see his adoptive father brutally killed by Gunnar (Clancy Brown), the Viking leader. The Vikings are bemused as to Ghost’s heritage, yet decide that since he’s in possession of a sword he may present more of a challenge, and so make him duel nonetheless. Ghost’s opponent, Ulfar (Ralf Möller), is taken unawares by Ghost’s abilities, and Ghost maims him by cutting out his eye before escaping.   Injured by an arrow during the pursuit, Ghost flees by riding his shield down a snowy mountainside, all the while being pursued by sledding Vikings he only just manages to fight off. He then hides in a cave, where he is found by the allied tribe’s hunting party. He attempts to warn them but is overcome by his wounds, passing out, just as a bear inhabiting the cave attacks them; which Pathfinder is cleverly able to dispatch with. They bring him home and Pathfinder and his daughter heal his wound. From the arrow head removed from his wound, Pathfinder is able to discern they are under attack by the “Dragon People”, which is what they call the Vikings. The warriors discuss taking the initiative against the Viking invaders; however, Ghost informs them of their savagery and ferocity, and how attacking them would only lead to their death. He warns them that their wood and stone weapons are no match for the Viking’s metal armour and blades.

三十六小時諜報戰 36 Hours

中文名:三十六小時諜報戰  更多…
英文名:36 Hours
片長:115 Mins
類型:戰爭 驚怵
導演:喬治•希通 George Seaton
主演:詹姆斯•加納 James Garner
   伊娃•瑪麗•賽恩特 Eva Marie Saint
   羅德•泰勒 Rod Taylor
   Werner Peters
   John Banner
   Russell Thorson   地區:美國,語言:英語,字幕:英文
  Just days prior to the launch of D-Day in June 1944, the Nazis kidnap Maj. Jefferson Pike in Lisbon and transport him to Germany. They have established an elaborate ruse to convince him that it is 1950 and that the war is long over. They have built a replica of an American hospital, staffed it with English-speaking personnel and tell Pike he has been suffering from periodic loss of memory since the war’s end. What they really want to learn is where the Allies will launch their assault on Fortress Europe: the Pas de Calais or Normandy. He is initially taken in and gives away the plans for the Normandy invasion. Once he realizes what is happening, he not only has to convince them he was lying the first time around but find a way to escape.

超越邊界Beyond Borders

中文名:超越邊界  更多…
英文名:Beyond Borders
片長:127 mins
類型:劇情 愛情 戰爭
導演:馬丁•坎貝爾 Martin Campbell
主演:安吉麗娜•朱莉/安潔莉娜•裘莉 Angelina Jolie
   克裏夫•歐文 Clive Owen
   特莉•保羅 Teri Polo
   萊納斯•羅徹/林納斯•羅奇 Linus Roache
   諾亞•艾姆雷克 Noah Emmerich
   約裏克•范•韋傑寧根 Yorick van Wageningen  地區:美國,語言:英語,字幕:英文
  Beyond Borders is an epic tale of the turbulent romance between two star-crossed lovers set against the backdrop of the world’s most dangerous hot spots. Academy Award winner Angelina Jolie stars as Sarah Jordan, an American living in London in 1984. She is married to Henry Bauford son of a wealthy British industrialist, when she encounters Nick Callahan a renegade doctor, whose impassioned plea for help to support his relief efforts in war-torn Africa moves her deeply. As a result, Sarah embarks upon a journey of discovery that leads to danger, heartbreak and romance in the far corners of the world.

洛杉磯之戰Battle: Los Angeles

中文名:洛杉磯之戰  更多…
英文名:Battle: Los Angeles
片長:116 Mins
類型:動作 科幻 驚怵 戰爭
導演:喬納森•雷比斯曼 Jonathan Liebesman
主演:阿倫•艾克哈特 Aaron Eckhart
   拉蒙•羅德里格茲 Ramon Rodriguez
   寇里•哈德里克 Cory Hardrict
   Gino Anthony Pesi
   James Hiroyuki Liao   地區:美國,語言:英語,字幕:英文
  After a meteor shower around the world, the governments learn that it is actually an alien invasion and organize counter-attacks. In Los Angeles, the Marine Sergeant Michael Nantz is ready to retire after a great trauma in the past when he lost all the men under his command in a mission. However, his platoon is assigned to bring the civilians that are sheltered in the Police Department, in an area dominated by the aliens, back to forward operating base (F.O.B.) before the bombs drop on the city. Sgt. Nantz assists 2nd Lieutenant William Martinez and they have to accomplish their mission within three hours. The marines meet few civilians and survivors from other commandos and when they are ready to fly to the base, the helicopter with the wounded marines is shot down and crashes. Now the marines need to reach the base with the civilians through the destroyed streets and highways using a bus. Along their journey, the marines learn how to kill the invaders but only a few of them survive. When the mission is accomplished, Sgt. Nantz and the survivors decide to destroy the alien communication center and consequently their airborne force.


中文名:匈奴王阿提拉  更多…
別名: 匈奴王/神鬼戰神/匈奴大帝
時長:177 Min
類型:動作 冒險 劇情 歷史 戰爭
導演:迪克•勞瑞 Dick Lowry
主演:傑拉德•巴特勒 Gerard Butler
   鮑爾斯•布思 Powers Boothe
   Simmone Mackinnon
   雷格•羅傑斯 Reg Rogers
   愛麗絲•克裏奇 Alice Krige
   Pauline Lynch   地區:美國,語言:英語,字幕:英文
  背景: 匈奴人力量的決定性的崛起是自阿提拉(Attila,406-453)登基成為匈奴帝國的王之後。西元433年,27歲的阿提拉與他的兄弟布來達(Bleda)一同從他們的叔父羅阿斯手中繼承了帝國的王位。 436年,阿提拉無情地謀殺了他的胞兄,獨自君臨帝國。與他的前輩們相比,阿提拉更具有雄心壯志,更富於侵略性,而且才智極為超群。在歷史上,阿提拉是一個極為突顯的角色。阿提拉時期的匈奴帝國是匈奴史的最後一章,也是最輝煌的一章。他使羅馬人蒙羞,使日爾曼人喪膽,具有令西人沮喪而無奈的強大力量,以至於他和他的匈奴鐵騎都被稱為“上帝之鞭”(Scourge of God)。關於阿提拉本人各方面的記載,西方史書上有過多少有些貶損,但仍不失生動具體的描寫。阿提拉年青時作戰勇猛,稱王之後則更主要地是依靠他的頭腦,而不是他武功,完成了對北方的征服。他表現出了勃勃野心,和高超的政治外交手腕,而且為人狡猾、殘忍。作為匈奴王的阿提拉,他的步態和舉止顯示都出了一種其力量可傲居全人類之上的自負和傲慢。據傳說,他曾自稱擁有戰神之劍,所以他的部下晉見時,如若正面直視他則必須同時後退,否則會燒壞自己的眼睛。他有一個兇猛地轉動眼珠的習慣,好象他樂於欣賞受他驚嚇的人的恐懼。阿提拉在生活上崇尚簡樸,卻很能容忍部下的奢侈。他的臣民都對他非常懼怕,在他外出巡查的時候,凡見到他必向其歡呼,以示敬畏。在西方的歷史傳說中,阿提拉極為殘暴兇狠,專事劫掠城市的惡行;並且身上集中了極端的邪惡,嬰兒被他看見都會死去。阿提拉的長相似乎令人不敢恭維。據記載,他身材矮胖,雙肩很寬,短粗的脖子上長著一個碩大無朋的頭顱,有粗硬的黑髮和稀疏的鬍鬚,鼻子扁平,一雙黑眼睛銳利而陰鷙。儘管這種描寫似乎有些不太恭敬,但有一點毫無疑問,這肯定是一個東方人的形象。這說明經過三百多年的西遷後,匈奴人並沒有被其他民族混血得失去了原來的體質特徵。 我們對於阿提拉時代的匈奴人的社會生活所知不多,但仍然能從一些傳說和故事中窺見鱗爪。曾有一個東羅馬官員及其隨從出使匈奴帝國,他們有幸見到了阿提拉和其他匈奴將領,甚至參加了阿提拉舉行的盛宴。從他關於這段經歷的羅裏囉嗦記載中,我們可以瞭解到當時的很多民俗、外交以及政治等方面情況。他,東征西戰,曾經令羅馬人心顫、日爾曼人膽寒;他,成就了匈奴帝國的強盛崛起,其暴亡也使匈奴史在高潮中戛然收尾。他就是在歐洲史中人稱“上帝之鞭”的匈奴王阿提拉,是西進歐洲的匈奴族最為重要的歷史人物。《匈奴大帝》這部電影根據魏爾納的戲劇《匈奴王阿提拉》改編而成,並以恢宏壯闊的氣勢贏得了廣大影迷的一致歡迎。為了增加真實感,導演用近乎紀錄片的拍攝手法來拍攝戰爭場面,並動用了1700名臨時演員,及6000套中古世服裝營造氣氛。可以說是視覺上的一大全新的享受。該劇的編劇羅伯特•科克倫在當今美國的影視圈非常有名,美國熱播系列劇《24小時》的很多集就出自他手。在《匈奴大帝》中扮演阿提拉的鮑爾斯•布恩是一位英俊的英國演員,曾經在《歌劇院幽靈》和《櫻桃園》中有過精彩表演。
  該劇以羅馬帝國的背景展開,揭示了一支撼動羅馬帝國統治的重要軍事力量。西元400年,羅馬帝國在世界上的統治雖日趨衰弱,但仍是最強盛的國家。這期間一支來自東方的匈奴族軍隊由阿提拉帶領橫掃歐亞大陸,開始挑戰羅馬帝國的霸主地位。匈奴族的首領阿提拉年輕時勇猛善戰,但也生性殘忍,匈奴人力量的決定性崛起是自阿提拉登基成為匈奴帝國的王之後。西元433年,27歲的阿提拉與他的兄弟布來達一同從他們的叔父羅阿斯手中繼承了帝國的王位。436年,阿提拉無情地謀殺了他的胞兄,獨自君臨帝國,並且很快統一了整個部落聯盟。與他的前輩們相比,阿提拉更具有雄心壯志,更富於侵略性,而且才智極為超群。他使羅馬人蒙羞,使日爾曼人喪膽,具有令西人沮喪而無奈的強大力量,以至於他和他的匈奴鐵騎都被稱為“上帝之鞭”。 當時羅馬開始尚未對匈奴人失去控制,尚能以他們為雇傭軍去攻打其他蠻族,主要是一些日爾曼和高盧部落。但阿提拉在娶羅馬皇帝的姐姐的要求被拒之後,便以此為理由,開始進攻西部帝國。羅馬帝國年輕的皇帝沉迷酒色,根本不懂治國之道,皇太后不得不起用被關進死牢的原軍隊統帥埃迪厄斯,把拯救羅馬的希望寄託在他的身上。 這位狡猾的統帥一面同阿提拉聯合兼併鄰邦,一面勾結鄰邦設法消滅阿提拉。最後,英武阿提拉在舉行婚禮後被新婚妻子毒死。征服世界的壯志頃刻間化為泡影。羅馬帝國的威脅消除,剛剛勉強保住了世界霸主的地位,作為軍隊統帥的埃迪厄斯失去了價值,已經成熟的皇帝便將目光轉向了埃迪厄斯,將他殺掉。 阿提拉雖然死了,但在歷史上,他仍是一個極為突顯的角色。阿提拉時期的匈奴帝國是匈奴史的最後一章,也是最輝煌的一章。
  During the waning days of Roman Empire, the barbarian Huns are making their way toward Europe. A warrior named Attila violently assumes Hun leadership and unites the warring clans under his banner. But this is not enough for him, Attila seeks to form an empire, and he sees Rome, bristling under the leadership of the incompetent Caesar Valentinian , ripe for the picking. In an attempt to quell a Hun invasion, ambitious Roman General Flavius Aetius attempts to form an alliance with Attila against their mutual enemy, Visigoth King Theodoric. But this plan backfires, and it soon becomes clear that a violent showdown between all three armies awaits.

天國王朝Kingdom of Heaven

中文名:天國王朝  更多…
英文名:Kingdom of Heaven
片長:144 Mins
類型:動作 劇情 戰爭
導演:雷德利•斯科特 Ridley Scott
主演:Martin Hancock
   邁克爾•辛 Michael Sheen
   Nathalie Cox
   Eriq Ebouaney
   Jouko Ahola
   大衛•澤爾利斯 David Thewlis  地區:美國,語言:英語,字幕:英文
  《天國王朝》(Kingdom of Heaven)是一部由雷利•史考特 (Ridley Scott)導演的電影,於2005年5月6日上映。該片主演為奧蘭多•布魯、伊娃•葛林、傑瑞米•艾恩斯、大衛•澤爾利斯等。電影講述了12世紀耶路撒冷王國陷入危機,一個鐵匠伊貝林的貝里昂(Balian of Ibelin)保衛耶路撒冷城並對抗想從基督徒手上重新奪回耶路撒冷的伊斯蘭領袖薩拉丁的故事。
  本片是《神鬼戰士》導演雷利史考特的最新作品,雷利這次將鏡頭轉向十字軍戰役,這場東西方之間長達兩百年的戰爭,永遠地改變了整個世界,在這個故事裡有一位年輕的法國人,發現了自己作為一名騎士的命運,用盡努力讓這樣的生命發光,完成任務。 「面對敵人 毋須恐懼,捍衛真相,即便代價是死亡。保衛無助的人,不行不義之事。這是你的誓言…。」 奧蘭多布魯飾演貝里昂,一名失去家人和幾乎喪失信仰的鐵匠,在聖地發生的宗教大戰似乎距離他很遙遠,但他被命運逼入這個戲劇場景。他在中世紀神秘且複雜洶湧的耶路撒冷,陷入愛河,成為一名領袖,最後用全部的勇氣和高超技藝悍衛整個城市不被悲劇摧毀。 命運要貝里昂成為一名騎士,再也不能自外於這場戰爭,高佛瑞(連恩尼遜飾演)是一位十字軍戰士,短暫從在東方的戰場返回老家法國,透露說原來他是貝里昂的父親,高佛瑞展現給他真正的騎士精神,並帶他上路,越過大陸,抵達傳說中的聖城。 這時的耶路撒冷正僵持在一種脆弱、一觸即發的和平狀態,由開明的基督教君王巴特文在幕僚提貝里爾斯(傑若米艾朗飾演),以及以騎士風範著稱的回教優秀軍隊領導人撒拉丁(哈珊碼索飾演)幫助下,勉力維持。但巴特文的日子所剩無多,並承受著十字軍們的狂熱、貪婪、嫉妒等人性弱點,和平搖搖欲墜。 包括高佛瑞在內的一群騎士,和巴特文國王一樣有著王者天下的和平願景,他們宣誓用生命來效忠這份榮譽。高佛瑞將寶劍傳給兒子的同時,也等於遞交給他這份誓言,要保護無助的人、捍衛和平、為文化和宗教上的和諧努力,成就天國一樣的樂土帝國。
  It is the time of the Crusades during the Middle Ages – the world shaping 200-year collision between Europe and the East. A blacksmith named Balian has lost his family and nearly his faith. The religious wars raging in the far-off Holy Land seem remote to him, yet he is pulled into that immense drama. Amid the pageantry and intrigues of medieval Jerusalem he falls in love, grows into a leader, and ultimately uses all his courage and skill to defend the city against staggering odds. Destiny comes seeking Balian in the form of a great knight, Godfrey of Ibelin, a Crusader briefly home to France from fighting in the East. Revealing himself as Balian’s father, Godfrey shows him the true meaning of knighthood and takes him on a journey across continents to the fabled Holy City. In Jerusalem at that moment–between the Second and Third Crusades–a fragile peace prevails, through the efforts of its enlightened Christian king, Baldwin IV, aided by his advisor Tiberias, and the military restraint of the legendary Muslim leader Saladin. But Baldwin’s days are numbered, and strains of fanaticism, greed, and jealousy among the Crusaders threaten to shatter the truce. King Baldwin’s vision of peace–a kingdom of heaven–is shared by a handful of knights, including Godfrey of Ibelin, who swear to uphold it with their lives and honor. As Godfrey passes his sword to his son, he also passes on that sacred oath: to protect the helpless, safeguard the peace, and work toward harmony between religions and cultures, so that a kingdom of heaven can flourish on earth. Balian takes the sword and steps into history.

西線無戰事All Quiet on the Western Front

  第一次世界大戰期間,德皇威廉二世的軍隊,正在東、西兩線與俄、法、英等國交戰。戰事十分緊張、激烈。 在德國後方某個小城市裏,一批青年學生在老年教師康托萊克的沙文主義煽動下,報名參軍。年僅19歲的保爾,一心想當個英雄,在中學校長宣傳所謂”愛國”、”保衛祖國”的口號下,也自告奮勇地報名參了軍。
中文名:西線無戰事  更多…
英文名:All Quiet on the Western Front
片長:133 Mins
類型: 動作 劇情 戰爭 動作
導演:路易斯•邁爾斯通 Lewis Milestone
主演:路易士•沃海姆 Louis Wolheim
   羅•阿瑞斯 Lew Ayres
   約翰•雷 John Wray
   阿諾德•露西 Arnold Lucy
   本•亞歷山大 Ben Alexander
   斯科特•科克 Scott Kolk
  第一次世界大戰期間,德皇威廉二世的軍隊,正在東、西兩線與俄、法、英等國交戰。戰事十分緊張、激烈。 在德國後方某個小城市裏,一批青年學生在老年教師康托萊克的沙文主義煽動下,報名參軍。年僅19歲的保爾,一心想當個英雄,在中學校長宣傳所謂”愛國”、”保衛祖國”的口號下,也自告奮勇地報名參了軍。其餘幾個全是他的朋友,其中一個叫貝姆的傻子,患有臆玻他們都分配在同一個部隊裏。受蒙蔽的青少年就這樣成為了士兵,他們離別家鄉和親人,去為軍國主義賣命。  保爾和同學們入伍後,就投入了緊張的軍事訓練。他們起早摸黑,在又松又濕又黑的田野來回跑,幾經折騰,累得精疲力盡,而教官海默史托斯還要他們”訓練得服服貼貼”,成為”真正的德國士兵”。這些青年原來把人生、戰爭都理想化了,然而現在天真的夢幻破滅了。  不久,經過訓練後的保爾和他的同學們,被派往西線參戰。這些青年從不知道戰爭是怎麼回事,一上戰場就遭到炮火猛烈的轟擊,在隆隆的炮聲下,他們都嚇破了膽,有的哭了,有的尿濕了褲子。老兵卡欽斯基主動安慰他們,並教給他們在戰場上生存的技巧。他們幾次上戰場,殺死別人的愛子,奪走別人的生命。彈雨之中,我不殺人,人也殺我。他們大叫沖呀,殺呀!失敗了,退下來,然後再反攻。在高度的緊張與恐懼中,貝姆真的發瘋了。一次戰鬥中,保爾的一名戰友腿被炸斷,被奪去了年輕的生命,而另一名被化學毒氣毒死。不僅如此,士兵們還要忍受陣地上的饑餓、潮濕、疾病和糟糕的天氣。保爾沉痛地哀思著:”為什麼要打仗?”  在一次進攻中,保爾在炮彈坑內,遇上了一個法國士兵,他害怕對方殺死自己,先下手為強,一刀紮死了法國士兵。當他從法國士兵衣袋裏看到其妻兒的照片時,不覺一怔,又看到被刺死者的慘狀,他非常痛悔,甚至跪下來請求死者的靈魂能夠饒恕他。  保爾在戰鬥中負傷住了院。傷癒後就請假回家鄉探望母親。病重的母親見到平安歸來的兒子,格外高興。她朝思暮想,終於盼到了!但她心中又升起淡淡的憂愁,不知兒子下次能歸來嗎?保爾也為以後能否見到母親而擔憂。保爾又將返回前線。正巧,? 過母校,看到教師還在鼓吹戰爭,動員學生們參加。保爾厭惡戰爭,對他們的一舉一動感到悲憤,而那些青年卻還在以此為樂呢!  保爾重返前線後,發現連隊來了一批新兵。而老兵只剩班長一人了。正當保爾和老班長熱烈擁抱歡敘時,一架美國飛機扔下了一顆顆炸彈,彈片飛向老班長,他悲慘地死去了。一天,雙方停戰了,西線異常平靜。守候在戰壕裏的保爾,發現一隻美麗的蝴蝶,當他爬出戰壕捕捉蝴蝶時,突然一聲槍響,保爾被法國兵的流彈擊中而倒下。但是,在這天德軍前線司令部的戰報上,還清楚地寫著”西線無戰事”。
  With the onset of World War I, a group of students are egged on by their teacher and enlist in the German army. As seems to be the case with all wars, the young men march off in the belief that the war will be a short one and they will all soon be home, basking in the glory of victory and treated as heroes. Reality begins to set in at the training depot where their one-time amiable local postman is now their demanding training instructor. Soon shipped to the front, they face the daily challenge of surviving trench warfare and killing on a scale that they could never have imagined. All become disillusioned with their once great cause and many suffer from shell shock, severe wounds or simply are killed. One of them, Paul, manages to survive for several years at the front. After some leave at home after being wounded, he is dismayed to find that little has changed and his old professor is still encouraging his students to bask in the glories of war. Paul returns to the front for the last time.


中文名:空戰英豪  更多…
片長:140 Mins
類型:動作 冒險 劇情 愛情 戰爭
導演:托尼•比爾 Tony Bill
主演:詹姆斯•弗蘭科 James Franco
   斯科特•哈澤爾 Scott Hazell
   Mac McDonald
   Philip Winchester
   陶德•鮑耶斯 Todd Boyce
   邁克爾•吉布森 Michael Jibson  地區:美國,語言:英語,字幕:英文
  1917年,一戰戰火在歐洲大陸熊熊燃燒。英、法、意等協約國軍隊與德軍交戰陷入了膠著狀態,大批投入戰場的愛國男兒慷慨赴義,在無情的戰場上犧牲生命。此時,美國政府依舊保持中立,遲遲未宣佈加入戰爭,這引起許多本國熱血青年的反對。他們不同意政府這種“事不關己,高高掛起”的做法,於是決定自願前往法國參軍,貢獻自己的一份心力。有人選擇加入陸軍,有人成為戰地救護員,還有38位志願者則想要學會如何開著夢想之翼在天空翱翔。他們組成了一支頗具傳奇色彩的特別空軍飛行隊,這就是歷史上著名的“拉斐特飛行小隊”(Lafaytte Escadrille)。
  戰鬥打響了,隊員們很快就感到了戰爭的殘酷,訓練有素的德軍飛行員駕駛著更為先進的Fokker戰鬥機給拉斐特飛行小隊帶來了不小的傷亡。在紛飛的戰火中,勞林斯依舊找到了生活的希望與幸福,他愛上了附近小鎮的法國姑娘露茜安(珍妮佛•戴克 飾)。通過露茜安的遭遇,勞林斯進一步瞭解了戰爭給百姓生活造成的傷害。當德軍包圍了露茜安的農場後,勞林斯不惜一切代價前去營救。隨著戰事的擴大,勞林斯不得不告別愛人,投身于戰爭的洪流……
  Before the United States entered World War I, young Americans went to France to be fighter pilots, joining the Lafayette Escadrille. This fictional version follows a laconic Texas rancher, an eager Nebraska kid, a Black boxer already in France, and a New York swell, as they arrive green for training, get their baptism by fire when German planes ambush them on their first mission, and graduate to heroics. Rawlings, the Texan, falls in love with a young woman he meets at a bordello. Keeping their eyes on them are Captain Thenault and Cassidy, the resident ace, who keeps a pet lion. Can the boys measure up?

紅色警戒The Thin Red Line

中文名:紅色警戒  更多…
英文名:The Thin Red Line
片長:170 Mins
類型:動作 劇情 戰爭
導演:泰倫斯•馬利克 Terrence Malick
主演:克裏克•阿塞維多 Kirk Acevedo
   西恩•潘 Sean Penn
   Penelope Allen
   阿德里安•布羅迪 Adrien Brody
   詹姆斯•卡維澤 James Caviezel
   Benjamin Green  地區:美國,語言:英語,字幕:英文
  這種生命與共同仇敵所產生出的情感對這一連士兵的影響遠遠超過了奪回陣地的喜悅。在“紅”片中演活了劇中士兵角色,包括了飾演士官長威爾士的西恩潘(Sean Penn),他飾演一位沈默而憤世的殺敵高手。上尉布格由艾理斯寇迪(Elias Koteas)所飾演。心地善良的他終於以身為軍人的使命感而減輕了他為戰爭而沾滿血腥所產生的罪惡感。偉特(吉姆卡維佐Jim Caviezel飾),飾演一位出生在肯塔基州的理想主義者。在重新加入查理斯連不久後又臨陣脫逃。貝爾(班卓別林Ben Chaplin飾),他深愛著妻子卻又擔心妻子在分開期間投入他人懷抱。上校托爾(尼克諾特Nick Nolte飾),一位野心勃勃的領導者。他下達命令要奪回210號陣地,縱使要犧牲無以數計的士兵性命或是整個查理斯炮兵連也在所不惜。
  In World War II, the outcome of the battle of Guadalcanal will strongly influence the Japanese advance into the Pacific theater. A group of young soldiers is brought in as a relief for the battle-weary Marines. The exhausting fight for a strategically-positioned airfield that allows control over a 1000-mile radius puts the men of the Army rifle company C-for-Charlie through hell. The horrors of war form the soldiers into a tight-knit group; their emotions develop into bonds of love and even family. The reasons for this war get further away as the world for the men gets smaller and smaller until their fighting is for mere survival and the life of the other men with them.


中文名:登陸安其奧  更多…
別名: 血戰安齊奧
片長:117 Mins
類型:劇情 戰爭
導演:愛德華•迪麥特雷克Edward Dmytryk
主演:羅伯特•米徹姆 Robert Mitchum
   彼德•福克 Peter Falk
   羅伯特•里安 Robert Ryan
   Earl Holliman
   Mark Damon
   亞瑟•甘迺迪 Arthur Kennedy   地區:美國,語言:英語,字幕:英文
  After meeting a general, war correspondent Dick Ennis (Robert Mitchum) is assigned to accompany US Army Rangers for the upcoming attempt to outflank the tough enemy defenses. The amphibious landing is unopposed, but the bumbling American general, Mark W. Clark (Robert Ryan) is too cautious, preferring to fortify his beachhead before advancing inland. Ennis and a Ranger drive in a jeep through the countryside, discovering there are few Germans between the beachhead and Rome, but his information is ignored. As a result, the German commander, Kesselring, has time to gather his forces and launch an effective counterattack.
  Ennis is with the Rangers when they are ambushed at the Battle of Cisterna. From there, the film departs from being a view of all sides and levels of the campaign to a story of a handful of survivors making their way back through enemy lines. Ennis asks what makes one human being willingly kill another. Corporal Jack Rabinoff (Peter Falk) replies that he loves it, and his lifestyle makes him live more than anyone else. Rabinoff is based on a real 1st Special Service Force soldier Jake Wallenstein, who ran an illegal brothel of Italian prostitutes in a stolen ambulance.[2] Most of the men, including Rabinoff, are killed (in reality, Wallenstein was killed by shrapnel at Port Cros during Operation Dragoon, the invasion of southern France.[3]) Ennis survives to publicly question the competence of the Allied commander.